The Monte Conero National Park is located south of Ancona on the Adriatic Sea coast. This park covers some 6,000 hectares and includes a large part of the territory of Ancona and the small towns of Camerano, Sirolo and Numana. There are several scenic hiking trails in the park have beautiful views from the forest to the coast. The flora and fauna here is diverse, and unique animals such as the weasel, the beaver and the falcon are often sighted.

This is a characteristic part of the coast line with many chalk cliffs that extend into the sea. The western part of this area is wooded, and is home to the vineyards of the famous Rosso Conero wine. Here, the small towns of Camerano, Sirolo and Numana Alto can be explored. Ancona, the capital of Le Marche is located towards the north. This beautiful national park in Le Marche, although not large, is beautiful, natura, and unique.. and well worth a visit!

Rocky coasts and small beaches

Sirolo is a small town with many restaurants and terraces. From this town, you can take beautiful walks. Although some of the paths are steep, you will find opportunities to take a dip in the azure blue sea.

“Passo del Lupo” is a popular route. This forest walk has a lookout point on the way where you enjoy spectacular views. A steep path downwards takes you to a beautiful pebble bay and the “Due Sorelle”. These 2 majestic rocks are significant in this park.

In nearby Portonovo, seafood enthusiasts can enjoy a range of restaurants options. You can also rent a kayak here, and weather permitting explore the smaller beaches not accessible by foot.

Loreto, the famous Maria pilgrimage site of Italy, is situated in the area of Monte Conero. The basilica Della Santa Casa is known as a shrine house in which some catholics believed that the blessed Virgin Mary lived.

All of the historic, cultural, and picturesque beauty is accessible from the centrality of our Villa Pilotti Country house location
Sirolo is within 85 km – approximately 1h20m, from Villa Pilotti.

Parking space Sirolo coordinates 43.525861, 13.616582