The hiking trails in Le Marche are infamous, offering hikers many opportunities for wonderful walks. The gravel paths to the hills and mountains (national parks), journey along the coast and through the historic medieval villages.

Villa Pilotti provides an information folder with hiking routes which was compiled by the previous owners Richard and Monique. The information folder contains current walking maps (with clear descriptions and indicated routes) for 15 great walks. The information has been compiled with the experiences of guests.

A large part of the routes can be found in the Monti Sibillini Natural Park, 35 km from Villa Pilotti. Walking routes can also be found close to the apartments around the medieval towns and villages of Sarnano, Amandola and Penna San Giovanni. The marked routes are suitable for the experienced hiker as well as for people who enjoy recreational walks.

It is also possible to take shorter journeys with children to viewpoints at the old abbey (Abbadia di Fiastra), located against a hilly forest edge. A longer walk runs over the nearby hills and along the river.

For each walk you must take the following into account:

  • Look at the level of the hiking route and take a map with you;
  • Pay close attention to the distance between two places. It may seem close, but because of the hilly roads it may take more time to cover the distance;
  • Get out on time, so you don’t have to walk in the dark. Take the temperature into account and provide suitable protection such as a cap or hat;
  • Make clear which route you will walk or where you are going;
  • Suitable hiking shoes and walking clothing are required for a good walk. Take the weather conditions into account.
    For example, take a rain jacket with you in the event of cooler weather.
    A hiking trail it can be enjoyed with walking sticks.
  • Take a charged mobile phone with important telephone numbers. Keep in mind that you may not have service everywhere you go;
  • Take along enough water and something to eat;
  • It is wise to bring a basic first aid kit and a heat blanket.