General Conditions

Terms and conditions VILLA PILOTTI Country House (holiday apartment rental),
Contrada Pilotti 19, 62020 Penna San Giovanni (MC) Le Marche ITALY.
Also referred to as Villa PILOTTI;

Fam. Verhage is the owner and manager of Villa PILOTTI.
The owner can be replaced by a family member / third party.

  • These Terms and Conditions apply to all users (tenants and guests) of VILLA PILOTTI.
  • With the conclusion of a lease & reservation agreement through the payment of the invoice for the accommodation costs of Villa PILOTTI, these General Terms and Conditions are effective and accepted.
  • Upon request, a copy of these General Terms and Conditions is provided to the user free of charge.
  • Tenants must have a permanent place of residence or residence.
  • The manager is not liable for damage, loss or theft of property of the users. In the event of disputes, all (legal) costs will be borne by the users.
  • All risks related to a stay at VILLA PILOTTI are borne by the users.
  • Damage and loss of movable and immovable property of the owner must be reported immediately by the users and reimbursed to the owner.
  • Guests must follow instructions (verbally and in writing via the house rules) of the manager. * The manager can, in the event of a violation of these General Terms and Conditions and improper behavior, deny and / or refuse access to VILLA PILOTTI with immediate effect, without further notice and explanation of reasons and without reimbursement of accommodation costs.
  • The administration of the administrator is decisive in case of mutual disagreement unless the users can prove the contrary.
  • Guests and tenants of VILLA PILOTTI must adhere to the house rules as stated in the information folder that is available for inspection in each apartment.

Reservation and confirmation

The rental agreement can be entered into in writing, by e-mail and via social media.

  • After receiving your contact & reservation request, VILLA PILOTTI will send a confirmation as.
    The reservation becomes final in accordance with the reservation conditions that apply to Villa PILOTTI.
  • Reference is made to these General Conditions and the associated reservation conditions on our booking confirmations & invoice for accommodation costs.
    To reserve a stay at VILLA PILOTTI the costs will be charged as stated in the applicable Villa PILOTTI rates at that time.

    The accommodation costs in VILLA PILOTTI must be as follows:
    25% of the cost after your reservation after received invoice.
    75% of the cost 4 weeks before arrival after received invoice.

    You do not pay any booking fees with us.
    Prices include cleaning costs.

On arrival we require a deposit of € 150, – to be paid in cash on arrival.
The deposit will be refunded in cash on your departure. Any services to be paid (including bread orders, drinks, etc.) will be deducted from the refundable deposit.


In the event of cancellation from the tenant’s side no refund will be made. We advice you an cancellation insurance.
VILLA PILOTTI reserves the right to cancel from its side if there is force majeure and natural disasters, without compensation for damage and the payments already made will not be refunded, if force majeure and natural disasters occur during the rental period & stay there will be no reimbursement of damage and payments made are refunded, with the exception of the deposit.
Thus prepared by Fam. VERHAGE (owners and managers on behalf of VILLA PILOTTI Country House)

Reservation conditions


After receiving your request for availability & reservation, we confirm the availability & reservation by mail & social media.

We ask you to pay the accommodation costs as follows:

When paying your invoice you agree to our Reservation & General Terms and Conditions and the use of your e-mail address for sending the “Villa PILOTTI Newsletter”.

  • We advise you to take out cancellation insurance, because we do not refund any money if your reservation is canceled!
  • If the deposit has not been paid within 14 days, we are unfortunately forced to cancel the reservation.


-Pets are not allowed unless specifically discussed.
-General smoking ban inside the apartments and the holiday home.
-Check in between 4 and 8 p.m. and check out between 7 and 10 p.m.
-We unfortunately do not have disabled rooms. Our accommodation is less suitable for the disabled.
-If there is a payment for a booking, your email address will be used for our newsletter. You can cancel this mailing at any time.

On arrival you sign a check-in form and the statement contained therein that you have taken note of the indicated house rules and points of personal responsibility.
On arrival we will ask you for your ID and will make a copy of this (for each guest).
We also check your greenpass in connection with the corona regulations.

–If it appears that during the final inspection / delivery (whether or not in the presence of the guest) of the apartment, there is disproportionately more final cleaning work to be done than what is customary with regular final cleaning, an extra cleaning fee may be charged being a amount of 35 euros.

Liability & Responsibility

It can of course always happen that something breaks and / or damage occurs somewhere. We kindly ask you to report this to us immediately and if applicable (after consultation with owners) to reimburse the costs of the damage.

You are personally responsible for personal injury, loss or theft of personal property or other damage (material and immaterial) suffered by you or your travel companions. Also the supervision of your children is and remains entirely your responsibility or that of any babysitter or third party.

There is an information folder on each apartment. Here you will find lots of useful information and great tips, but also some points of attention & house rules.
We ask you to go through the points of attention and responsibilities and house rules in the info folder and to sign the issued check-in form and the statement contained therein that you have taken note of the indicated house rules and own responsibility points.


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