Would you like to immerse yourself in nature and breathe fresh air?
Then the waterfall route Via delle Cascate Perdute is definitely worth it.

Near the historic center of Sarnano are the three fascinating waterfalls.
–the Antico Molino waterfall
de lu Vagnatò waterfall
–the cascatelle waterfall

It is a very easy loop route, just under 6km in length, with very little elevation gain (80m on average) and only one short steep section.
It can be walked all year round with closed non-slip shoes and is suitable for everyone: children and adults, young and old.

Three fairytale settings in the middle of the woods, but a stone’s throw from the historic center of Sarnano.
There are three large parking areas along the route:

-one in Largo Bozzoni, very close to the historic center.
-one in the area of ​​sports facilities in via Scarfiotti (near the Antico Molino waterfall)
-one in the craft area of ​​Morelli. (near the lu Vagnatò waterfall)

Don’t go with prams, it could be very tiring if not impossible. It is good to have closed shoes on, route is nothing particularly complicated but there are steps and steep parts.

The falls at two of the three jumps of the Tennacola Stream were hidden for a long time by vegetation and only reappeared in 2020.

No matter how old we are, the waterfalls always fascinate us.
Is it the scratching of water, or is the smell of moss bringing us back to memories, or is it the hues of the water falling water that almost hypnotize us? A waterfall in the forest still enraptures us. Even though we’ve seen it a thousand times.
The Sarnano waterfalls are no exception: loved by the locals, almost unknown to tourists, despite being very easy to reach them.

Sarnano waterfalls just 20 minutes from your apartment